The Persecution of Others

The Persecution Of Others – by Justine Linden

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Authors: Justine Linden, Samantha Flower

Persecution & otherization.  Human bigotry in all its form.  Teachers become heroes to save a child. Together they risk all standing against the government of Quebec, Canada, and its bigoted laws.

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The compelling story of English born twin sisters growing up in Quebec, Canada in the 1980’s.

“The Persecution of Others” is based on a true story about a girl called Justine that has learning difficulties who has immigrated to Canada in the early eighties with her family to a province that is in great conflict with itself. She is caught up in a world that due to its history of persecution and bigotry has neglected the needs of the most vulnerable children.

She is accompanied on her journey by her identical twin sister Samantha. The vulnerable child is protected and nurtured by her twin who is strong willed, articulate and a force to be reckoned with, a young girl who is academically and emotionally beyond her years and most adults.

Along her journey of growing up in Quebec she is also protected by two Catholic schools (St Jude and Vaudreuil Catholic High School) that hide her and her twin within their academic walls and who eventually help her to learn to read and write despite her debilitating learning difficulties. Careers and lives of these teachers and faculty are potentially put at risk by saving the life of this vulnerable child, and because of this act of mercy these people are bonded together forevermore.

The choice these teachers make is an act of love and a miracle because some of them are Parti-Quebecois supporters and yet they still chose the needs of a child over their own beliefs. To these young innocent girls Quebec is both the persecutor and the protector and as the story ventures further down the rabbit hole of their childhood you discover that their adopted Country and province have saved both of these children from a worse fate of their native country England.

The book is co-written by the twin sister Samantha and this allows the reader the opportunity to see the circumstances that these children face from both sides. The perspective of an intelligent and articulate child’s as well as that of the child that is struggling with her learning difficulties. The bigotry they face is on many levels and in both countries for different reasons thus showing the true nature of bigotry itself. More importantly it is a story of triumph over adversity, love, compassion and forgiveness.

2 reviews for The Persecution Of Others – by Justine Linden

    5 out of 5


    Canada, an exciting friendly country…not if your moving to Quebec and you speak English! Or any language other than French. This is the compelling and heartwarming story of twin sisters arriving in a country where they must be hidden in a school they’re not allowed to attend, an English speaking school, because of the bigoted laws of the state of Quebec. Justine and Samantha, 2 young girls fight all the way to prove they will not fall victim to the persecution of the State. A must read for anyone oppressed in the country they call home. Gutsy, inspiring and funny account of the best ways to deal with state oppression. Highly recommended.

    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Absorbing, painful and ultimately rewarding.
    A must read for any parent, politician and those in the education services – this true story has elements that will be familiar to many people.
    For me it’s the human element that shines through, despite the persecution (both personal and state led) the caring humanitarianism of individuals and as a collective is inspiring and heartwarming. Faith in humanity is restored not only by the brave and caring actions of the few but also by Justines resolve to overcome the challenges and to choose to succeed.
    There are not many books that I literally can’t put down and this was one of them.

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