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The Heist – by Teraina E. Hird


Author: Teraina E. Hird (Featured on BBC Newsnight 8th October 2015)

Book Format: PDF & Kindle

A story of robbery, murder, greed and denial.

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Product Description

A story of robbery, murder, greed and denial.

In early November 1999 an empty security van is hi-jacked on its way to the new London East End Container Dock.

Now with the biggest robbery in history about to hit the headlines, how long can Scotland Yard keep the details behind the theft out of the news? 

Why was a shipping container containing $100,000,000 in brand new one hundred dollar bills, left exposed in London’s new container dock?

Why are the CIA interested and how deep does their involvement go?

As newly promoted Detective Chief Inspector ‘Dusty’ Bynne and his new DI Anna Malkin try to unravel the mystery behind the robbery, Dusty struggles to keep the secret of his own sexual identity hidden.


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