Authors, Splatter Books Wants You !

Ebook Authors, Splatter Books WANTS YOU! You may already have a deal with an ebook publisher, or perhaps you are considering where to market your latest ebook. In either case, take a look at Splatter Books. Its totally free to join. No upfront costs, no monthly fee. We offer payment to you of 75% on […]

Fake Reviews

LIARS AND CHEATS AND WHY I HATE THEM So…what kicked off this week’s blahg post, you might wonder?  I had yet another (Blocked, reported for spam) Twitter follower today attempting to sell me multiple five star reviews of my eBooks. This pisses me off, because “buying” reviews got the movie studios in trouble back in […]

How Do I Buy & Receive My Ebook?

It’s really quite simple, here’s how, 1. Select your book and “add to cart”. 2. Then select either “View Cart” from the “successfully added to cart” notification, or select “Cart” from the main menu at the top of the page. 3. From the Cart page select “Proceed to Checkout”.  There is no additional cost for […]

Why Publish With Us?

We started the website because of the need for a book shop in the world that cared to promote Indie Authors who don’t have access to the great PR machines that published Authors have. We have also recognised the need for the book shop/self-publishing houses to offer free services such as sending your finished […]

Upstart Publisher for Upstart Authors – by Steve Karmazenuk

Today I am pleased to announce a new publishing agreement with a new ebook publisher and point of sale,  All my novels are hosting there, and I have the same publishing agreement with them that any of you can have: They are non-exclusive, allowing you to also publish with, and Smashwords (Who distribute into the Rest […]

Splatter Books

Welcome to the new on-line book store. We are seeking new authors so come and join us for free. We pay 75% on net proceeds.