We started the splatterbooks.com website because of the need for a book shop in the world that cared to promote Indie Authors who don’t have access to the great PR machines that published Authors have. We have also recognised the need for the book shop/self-publishing houses to offer free services such as sending your finished books to the British Library.

We want to be that first port of call for Indie authors that have already put the hard work in and had their books edited and ready to go. Our service is free and no cost to the author what so ever. We pay 75% Royalties to all our authors and we also pay for the advertisement of the online bookshop and the books.

– We pay 75% on net proceeds of sales (after VAT and processing costs, basically Paypal charges)
– We promote and advertise your books on social media and literary events free of charge.
– We are free to join with no hidden costs.
– We work with our authors on a 1 to 1 basis
– We provide cover art design free of charge
– We can register your books with the British Library using the British Library portal at no cost to you.
– You are free to publish or un-publish with us at any time
All we require is that you email your ebook in .pdf format (max size limit is 20mb) and book cover art in .jpg format to this email address splatterbooks@gmail.com, along with a suggested selling price including VAT and a short synopsis of the book and we can have it on the Splatter Books site within 24 hours.